" Libyan Border Patrolling & Surveillance"

"The mission of Venice Lions will be to propose the best solution for the day/night monitoring of the huge area of the Libyan borders (almost 4.000 Km) in order to prevent any kind of trespassing and allow the police/military operators to react in the fastest proper way. -"

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"SMArtIR System"
FIRST LINE 50 terrestrial UGS equipped with SMArtIR thermal and visible cameras (radius 30-40 Km) with all communication systems available (including also laser range finding measurements).
- List of UGS systems
- SECOND LINE 10 or more terrestrial UGS
- MOBILE TRACKING and Patrolling
by 25 Vehicular systems available to the operators each 160 Km. The features are identical to those of UGSs systems, but a simple PanTilt gyro-stabilized may substantially improve the SMArtIR performances in patrolling the border lines.
Mobile Maritime SMARTIR systems (to be gyro-stabilized) for coastal control.
An understanding session with the Libyan operators is needed in order to understand the possibility to connect all equipments to the existing network or if a new infrastructure is needed.
All signals and communications coming from the UGS/SMArtIR systems could be ciphered (crypted) and also for this feature we need to understand your needs. A possible optimal solution could consist into a satellite-based VPN (a sort of crypted Intranet among the different nodes)..

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