"Innovative and unique personal protective plate



" - The new bulletproof vest, the object of our presentation, is inserted as an extremely innovative factor both because of its materials (with a greatly reduced weight of just 3.3 kg) and because of the preservations of the operations of the person who will wear it. -" First of all, the highly advanced material tangibly allows, the elevation of the body to a never before reached level of protection by stopping the nose cone bullet (without deformation or crushing) thanks to its high stopping power (even taking into account volatile calibre weapons like the Drogunov).

- Secondly the vest has the undisputed advantage of dispersing without trauma,
(the plate in question will not undergo any deformation on the side which is in contact with the body) to the person "impact strength"also preventing the shot from being thrown back.
- This latter aspect is of vital importance when taking into account that it does not affect the reactive ability of the wearer, bringing down reaction time.
- These two aspects alone are already enough to allow, not only the security of the wearer, but to significantly lower the incidence of the "surprise factor" with a speedy reorganisation of the attack to regain control of the situation and / or breach of the perimeter by securing the area.

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