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"From Italy a new reinforced vehicle specific for armouring conversions. -"

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Compact, indestructible, easy.
• With its armoured cars, the Repetti company places its products at the service of customers who are increasingly more attentive and demanding, not only with regard to passenger safety, but also to comfort, on board equipment and performance. In this respect, Repetti's quality and ability of design development are able to achieve such high standards, to be the sole reference point for FIAT Group in the production of protected vehicles. Moreover, the quality of their workmanship has enabled Repetti to become the supplier to the most important European customers, both public and private .

- A wide range of products is available: vehicles for public policy, prisoners transport, troops carriers, designed and constructed in cooperation with the Manufacturers of the base vehicles.
- For confidential reasons, the technical specifications will be disclosed only after a direct contact with our sales managers.

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Banks, insurance companies, valuables transport companies, public institutes and companies operating in the security field in Italy and all over the World recognise Repetti's professional competence and experience as a must to guarantee the efficiency of their armoured vehicles. Repetti adopts the most efficient and innovative solutions in the armouring of vans and trucks, using state of the art technology which enjoys worldwide recognition. The attained protection levels are guaranteed by unrivalled quality control; this is a fact acknowledged by many.

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