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Clik for Enlarge. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
Is by far the most heterogeneous waste.
• It is mainly composed of household waste, but also of green/garden waste and waste of communities. Household waste mainly consists of packaging, plastics, metals, glass, paper, cardboard, organic waste and textiles.
The Hofmann Balers are ideal to compact the different recovered materials out of this waste.
The Commingled/Kerbside waste contains dry-recyclables along with paper and cardboard.
Dry-recyclables will ideally be received without containing glass or food waste.
The recovered materials will typically be baled prior to being removed off site by Hofmann Balers.
They work according to the required specifications, are very reliable and have high performances.
The Hofmann Balers are ideally adapted for the following materials: Paper, cardboard, plastic film, plastic bottles, beverage cartons, packaging, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

They are agile, fast,The CityPac Novarini .
- Is a multifunction, versatile and light piece of equipment combining the well-known flexibility of a tank and the autonomy of a compactor.
It is ideally suited to meeting waste collection needs in logistical situations where the bulk of the traditional compactor means that is cannot be used.
It is especially well suited to the collection of wet waste thanks to its monocoque tank which is completely waterproof up to its top lip, while it is also equally well able to handle dry waste.
The wide travel of the compacting apparatus enables complete hopper cleaning with every cycle, making the unloading of successive containers easy.
The container emptying device is able to handle any type of bin, using different attaching system according to the specific requirements.
Novarini has designed the CityPac to incorporate those qualities that up to now have characterised only medium to large compactors, to which it can be incidentally by coupled as a convenient and easily connected satellite system.

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